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About VI

All About Vancouver Island Riders

VI Riders is a non-profit freestyle snowboard training organization that was incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia in 2007.

Our coaches provide freestyle instruction built around the Long Term Athletic Development model (LTAD). We aim to provide fun, confidence-building snowboard training for all levels of freestyle skill and teach safe snowboard practices. Whether your goal is to build confidence in the terrain park, to compete and get on the podium, or simply to meet and have fun riding with other snowboarders, VI Riders will help you develop the skills necessary to achieve your goals.

VI Riders has some of the best snowboarding coaches in the province. Our coaches are not only certified in freestyle training but mental development and nutritional values as well. Over the years we have helped many athletes achieve their goals and graduate to higher levels of training and competition. Darcy Sharpe was once a member of VI and is now on the Canadian National team!

We invite anyone, ages 10 and up, who wants to take their freestyle skills to the next level, to come sign up. We do ask that you have some experience in snowboarding so that you will get the most out of our programs. Also, helmets are mandatory, which is cool!

Our fees are competitive within the industry. We keep them as low as possible in order to help achieve our mission and reach a broad range of athletes. Thanks to everyone who has generously donated to help facilitate the development of our Vancouver Island athletes. You are helping goals be achieved!

How do I Sign up?

Email us at or check out our registration page, fill out the required forms and mail them back to us!